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What is I.D.C



Our Mission is to ensure that every individual that comes through our program is fully equipped mentally and spiritually to work within their God given gifts successfully.

  • Instruction- Founder Jessica Reedy brings experience and expertise to each classroom session that prepares students for success at the onset of their careers. 

  • Community Service- Saturday sessions are titled “Self-less Saturday’s”. Students are given the opportunity to impact the local community directly through outreach and serving the homeless

  • Practical Application-Students are given assignments to complete inside and outside of the classroom including developing business plans and preparing presentations for future investors.



The Industry Development Center will train and equip a generation of gifted adults to impact their world through powerful gifts and transformed character.

  • Character-In this class you will be given tools to polish the presentation of your character as it pertains to integrity in business.  We also will equip you with character building skills to apply to everyday life. 

  • Identifying Who You Are-There is a difference between the gift and the man who carries the gift. Being able identify and differentiate between the two will help you understand how truly valuable you are and how your gift adds on to who you already are. The Gift vs The Man

  • Intergrity-We focus on exemplifying honor, moral uprightness and the principles you should embody within yourself and the industry.



Unlocking your understanding of entrepreneurship, grants freedom to you and those you love.  Leading you on the path of Generational Wealth and Financial Freedom

  • Business Strategy-The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of venture financing. Our center gives you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage. 

  • Purity-Before you leave the program, you will possess more of the attributes of Purity; such as, pure motives and intentions while navigating through business.

  • The Cost and Sacrifice-For every level you desire to go, there is a cost.  Are you willing to pay the price that it takes to arrive?  In this class we dive into all the costs it will take for you to thrive.  These costs  include emotional, financial, physical and spiritual growth.


Industry Development Center
Business School


What is the I.D.C.?

The Industry Development Center (IDC) is an Accredited adult academy, formed for the instruction and training of individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The IDC provides instruction in business, life skills, character, and morality that is useful to individuals and beneficial to the community. 

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Our interest is you.  We have built and tested a curriculum that is tailored to help all individuals get on the road to self discovery.  Realizing how unique and important we are will help change the direction of the world.  With trained instructors and passionate leadership, our determination to see you thrive is our only goal.

Our courses include lessons in:

Our Team.

Get to know your instructors.  No matter your question, one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

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