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Areas of Focus

Our interest is you.  We have built and tested a curriculum that is tailored to help all individuals get on the road to self discovery.  Realizing how unique and important we are will help change the direction of the world.  With trained instructors and passionate leadership, our determination to see you thrive is our only goal.

Our courses include lessons in:

Human Growth & Development

  • Discovering who you are

  • Process to Purity

  • Protecting your Instrument

  • Identifying your destiny helper

  • Setting Goals

  • Recognizing the importance of Mistakes and Failures 



  • Intro to Business

  • Business Communication

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Marketing / Branding

  • Principles of Management 



  • All Music/Media Art Majors are required to give a Graduation Recital/Showcase Project

  • Music graduates are also proficient as performers in their specified field of Music

  • During this program of studies, students will engage in significant field ministry experience.


Completion Benefits

  • Associates Degree

  • Transfer to any College/University with a 4.0 g.p.a.

  • Automatic acceptance into Texas Seminary University (HBCU)

  • 40 Volunteer/Community Hours

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Descriptions

Principles of Financial Accounting 3 Hours


Accounting principles and procedures essential to the preparation of financial statements are developed with emphasis on their form, relationship, and presentation. Introduction to accounting principles for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Use of accounting systems and application of valuation principles to assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, and expenses.

Principles of Management 3 Hours


Study of historical and contemporary management theory, models, and practices. Includes principles of planning, organizing, staffing, leadership, and control. Introduction to decision-making processes, styles, and situations. Emphasis on development of interpersonal managerial skills through student interaction and group activities.

Management Communications 3 Hours


Study and practice in writing a variety of business correspondence, foundations and practice of the elements of visual and verbal business communication.

Business Law I 3 Hours


A study of the U.S. legal system and its application and impact upon business/managerial decision making as well as the typical legal issues encountered in the marketplace today. The course addresses the U.S. legal system/legal procedure, contracts, Uniform Commercial Code (Article 2), domestic and international sales and lease transactions, secured transactions, agency, and ethics.

Business Finance 3 Hours


A study of financing and investment decisions of the financial manager that maximize shareholder wealth. Topics include risk and return, interest and time value calculations, financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, long-term financing, and working capital management. (Prerequisite: ACC 2213)

Entrepreneurship and Venture Management 3 Hours


Fundamentals of identifying the need for and organizing a small business. The role and characteristics of the entrepreneur and problems of venture initiation are studied: new venture creation and its management through the first two or three years of operation.

Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3 Hours


An introductory speech course designed to develop individual speaking skills. Study in preparing, organizing, and delivering the basic types of speeches is included.

Entertainment-Education 3 Hours


This course focuses on entertainment-education initiatives used worldwide for social change. Topics presented and analyzed will help discover how media can be implemented to entertain and educate in order to increase audience members’ knowledge about educational issues, to create favorable attitudes, shift social norms, or change overt behavior



  • Official high school/ GED Transcript

  • Social Security Number

  • U.S. Citizen

  • Date of Birth

  • Mental/emotional tools to assist in psychological experiences and decision making

  • Formation of Business

  • Entrepreneurship Resources

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